Adrean Webb

Adrean Webb


  • 2017 August 1 - I am excited to announce that I will be joining the Coastal Engineering Laboratory in the Disaster Prevention Research Institute at Kyoto University from September. I will be starting a new position as a Project Assistant Professor.
  • 2017 March 31 - "Statistical Models of Global Langmuir Mixing" has been accepted for publication in Ocean Modelling.

Research Interests

I am interested in modeling geophysical flow for a wide range of scales using the latest advances in mathematical and numerical analysis.

Waves, Storm Surges, and Climate

I have just begun working on a Togo Project (led by Eiichi Nakakita) and will be investigating waves and storm surges in a coupled climate system on long time scales.

Wave Energy Resources / Waves and Sea-Ice

While at The University of Tokyo, I worked with Takuji Waseda on a NEDO project to estimate the available wave energy resources for Japan to assist with wave generator site identification and construction. The completed assessment can be accessed here and is based on a 21-year, high-resolution NOAA WAVEWATCH III simulation. I also worked on an Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) project to forecast the wave field for the rapidly changing Arctic climate.

Internal Tidal Waves

While at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, I worked with Hidekatsu Yamazaki to model the generation and dissipation of nonlinear internal tidal waves in a ria estuary using the 3D nonhydrostatic coastal model SUNTANS. This work was part of a larger project to study the impact of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on the ecosystem of Otsuchi Bay, Japan.

Wave-Induced Mixing

For part of my thesis, I worked with Baylor Fox-Kemper to derive a new set of approximations for Stokes drift and optimize an ocean surface wave model component for coupling with the NCAR Community Earth System Model (using NOAA WaveWatch III).

Meshless Spectral Wave Modeling

In addition, I worked with Natasha Flyer to develop a fast meshless wave model specifically designed for coupling with global climate models. Results from the prototype can be found in my dissertation.


  • Stokes drift functions for different depth-dependent and depth-integrated approximations can be found here and on the MATLAB Central File Exchange. The functions use either 1D or 2D wave spectra and can handle an arbitrary number of spatial and temporal dimensions. A detailed description of the different approximations can be found in this publication (and respective preprint).


  • Refereed Publications
  • In Preparation or Review
    • 2017 "A high-resolution, long-term wave resource assessment of Japan with wave-current effects."
    • A. Webb, T. Waseda, and K. Kiyomatsu; in preparation for submission to Renewable Energy.
    • 2017 "Increasing trends of large ocean waves in the ice-free waters of the Arctic Ocean."
    • T. Waseda, A. Webb, J. Sato, A. Kohout, B. Penrose, and S. Penrose; submitted to Nature Sustainability.
    • 2017 "On Observed Freak Waves under Distinct Directional Spectra in Deep Water near Japan."
    • W. Fujimoto, T. Waseda, and A. Webb; submitted to Journal of Physical Oceanography.
    • 2015 "Evaluation of Primary Marine Aerosol Production in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) Using A Prognostic Wind-Wave Model."
    • M.S. Long, W.C. Keene, J. Zhang, B. Reichl, Y. Shi, T. Hara, J.S. Reid, B. Fox-Kemper, A.P. Craig, D.J. Erickson, I. Ginis, and A. Webb; submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.
    • 2017 "RBF-FD method for a multiple scale system: global ocean surface waves."
    • A. Webb, N. Flyer, and B. Fox-Kemper; in preparation.
  • Other Writings
    • 2017 "WAVEWATCH III in CESM and Langmuir mixing."
    • Q. Li, B. Fox-Kemper, and A. Webb; POP2 Reference Manual Addendum, LANL Tech Note LAUR- 10-018253, in press.
    • 2013 "Stokes Drift and Meshless Wave Modeling."
    • A. Webb; PhD thesis, University of Colorado Boulder. [bib] [pdf]


I am currently not doing any teaching at this time. Previous university courses and programs are listed below.

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • 2010 Summer, IMAGe Summer Graduate School on Mathematics of Climate Change (TA)
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • 2013 Spring, Calculus II (TA)
  • 2008 Fall, Calculus II Workgroup (Instructor) / Calculus II (TA)
  • 2008 Summer, Calculus II (TA)
  • 2008 Spring, Ordinary Differential Equations (TA)
  • 2007 Fall, Calculus III (TA)
  • University of New Hampshire
  • 2007 Summer, Calculus II (Instructor)
  • 2007 Spring, Calculus II (TA)
  • 2006 Fall, Calculus I (TA)
  • 2006 Summer, Pre-Calculus: Online Course (Instructor)
  • 2006 Spring, Pre-Calculus (Instructor)
  • 2005 Fall, Finite Mathematics (TA)

Contact Details

    Kyoto University
    Disaster Prevention Research Institute
    Maritime Disaster Section
    Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, Japan

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